Embroidered Medal Ribbons and Awards
We are pleased to be able to offer the facility to have your Service Ribbons, associated Awards and Citations for either Military or Civil Service finished as an embroidery on either fabric, leather or suede to save wear and tear on originals which are costly to replace.
Apart from ribbons, citations and awards we are able to replicate a wide range of associated unit badges and insignia in fairly good detail. ( unfortunately there are limits to design detail with embroidery ). Along with the above, remakes of unit patches, campaign patches and memorial patches are one of our specialties. All cotton colours are viewable here.
We have a current and up to date reference of all Australian Medals along with Overseas Campaign Medals for Australian Military Services.
For all Foreign Medals and Awards you will need to forward photos in colour along with the respective medal name.
Ribbons displayed are computer generated and as such may not faithfully represent colours exactly.
In order to make sure that the finished embroidery is correct, we would ask that you contact us direct via email at petes.shoppe@gmail.com, along with a photo and description ( if emailing ) of what you need to be done. The attached chart with depictions of ribbons is numbered to link up with our embroiderers computer codes. This may be of assistance when ordering. Most ribbons have been labelled.
Please note
• We do carry a limited number of RAS, Combat and Active Combat badges in stock.
• There is a small surcharge for leather and suede.
• ALL Military embroideries are sent via registered post for security reasons.
 Medal Ribbons and Awards
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Award Ribbon
Award Ribbon
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Award Ribbon
Please quote ribbon number when inquiring or ordering
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